Homemade Cracker Jacks

Cracker Jacks remind me that food is more than aroma, texture, and taste. It is more than the building blocks of our bodies, essential as all of those things may be. Food is also memories, sometimes strong memories, good or bad.

All Sins Unforgiven

We are all fallible. We all have the capacity to do great things, monstrous or honorable things… We are all loved, always, and I will do everything in my power to make sure we all know this as I do.

Building a Bridge of Trust

I told the group we are working to build a bridge of understanding between the officers and the incarcerated and be rid of the thought “us vs. them.”

Circulating Love

From the outside, it could seem like putting together meals is simply a good deed — an event that good people do with their extra time. But for me, I experience it as an act of self-serving generosity.

H-O-W-L, learning to talk to birds

I didn’t want to immediately disclose that I do bird calls for fun. To connect myself back into this wheel of life that we call nature.

The Troll and the Prince

You are no longer called a troll but a prince of light. You have known sadness, pain and suffering, hate, and destruction. Now you will know the joy of giving yourself to life.