Summer Nights in Harlem

In that moment, in the middle of Harlem, on a porch with a bunch of people I didn’t even know a few weeks earlier, I felt welcomed. Like a neighbor myself.

A Recipe for Happiness

Volunteers and employees are all given responsibility and allowed to shine. Tasks and assignments are based on desire and love, whether one has been doing that task for a decade or a day, and then given the time to titrate to their own personal capacity.

How to Learn

To learn something new, you have to admit you don’t know something and then be open to learning. At the same time, you have to know you are brilliant, you are just learning a new skill. Not knowing is the only way to grow.

Invisibility and love

I thought back to my friend who wanted me to do Free Food so I could see what I was made of. Now, I get to see how my love can change people, and they bring me into the light.

Hold Your Vibration. Be the North Star.

As I rested and found my way back to being the woman who emanates instead of does to the point of exhaustion, I remembered this time on the bridge in Nepal.


I felt a simple easeful connection with this stranger who also spends his time feeding people. I also admired his simple confidence that he could rely on others to randomly help him.

… And I Got a Cat

Sometimes my life feels like a feral cat. I feel beat up, my feet and body feel sore, and yet there’s still more to do. And sometimes if I have enough loving and patient attention, life can curl up beside me and things can change beyond my expectations.

Video: Food Pantry Testimonial

“We rescued all this food from Baldor, one of the major food distributors in New York City. They give us about two metric tons worth of produce for free. It fills our Free Food van front to back, floor to ceiling…”