As women, we aim to dive into the challenging and often taboo territory of our feminine power and personal and collective responsibility. We want to build a world where we embrace our collective energies and cast them out to heal ourselves and others through the use of our creative power. 

Our Vision

True liberation has little to do with equal liberation, access or parity. True liberation has to do with equal fulfillment on our terms through self-definition, self-possession, self-realization.

In today’s feminism, we can be torn asunder, grabbing for the boons of a culture we are here to change. As women, our issue is not that we are asking too much; our issue is we are asking too little.

Feminism as we’ve know it can be divisive. We aim for a blue-ocean strategy.

The red ocean is full of sharks eating each other, but a blue ocean is wide open. A blue ocean strategy defines the market in a way nobody saw coming. Hip-hop is a blue ocean strategy. Cirque du Soleil is a blue ocean strategy.

Now, we just need a blue ocean strategy for feminism.

That blue ocean strategy begins with the notion women have inestimable power that simply needs to be mined and cultivated.

Feminine Rising Foundation: The Principles

Self, Community, World

  1. Our power is in our magnet: We magnetize ourselves and the compass of the world spins more accurately. We recognize a new form of power, feminine power. This feminine power ceases to fight anyone or anything and instead directs all energies towards a woman’s deepest power, the employment of the creative force so that we may build the new world that makes the old one obsolete. We build into each woman a resilience and reflection of what lies most deeply inside of her so that she may both unleash it and aim it towards the healing of the world. We focus not on injustices but on the solutions that will render those injustices powerless. We ask ourselves not how we can change the world, but how we can change ourselves such that the world will change as a result. We do not avoid the “problems” but address them through recognition of our power. We accept our position, the call to action and the responsibility it requires. We respond with noblesse oblige.
  2. We keep what we have by giving it away.
  3. We elevate ourselves by elevating others.
  4. Our process is our result: We are based entirely in the now and focus on quality and excellence, not just in the result but in the execution of every process. The focus is always on an intimacy, a consciousness with our environment, in such a way that we are co-creators in all that we do. There is no separation between us and our environment, the process and the result.
  5. Our unconditional freedom is freedom in all conditions: When you free your mind the rest will follow. We aim to dismantle internalized and often invisible forms of bondage that each woman may free herself in the effort to liberate others. Ultimately we liberate our deepest power, the creative force, and allow it to transform the world.
  6. We convert poison to medicine: We dive into the belly of the beast and transform the areas that have been most problematic for women: sex, money and power. We transform them into extensions of a deeper healing force that lies within each of us. It is not that we want too much, it is that we do not want enough. We want nothing less than the full healing, restoration of and awakening of the world. We use every resource available to us towards this end and through this each resource becomes the medicine.
  7. We live in virtuous cycles: We fill and get filled, we lift and get lifted, we expand and include. And when we are in need, we have the humility to receive.
  8. We live from full: Full women make a happy world and yet everything in us tells us to deprive and restrict… and then to swing on the pendulum and indulge. We are not trained to live full in a way that we are deeply gratified. To not limit consumption, but to develop consciousness of how and what we consume.