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We are BlackBox — Named for the black box in an airplane that contains the secret information after a crash. BlackBox is a cultural creative studio dedicated to bringing vision to all the things we don’t talk about in this culture and talking about them. We facilitate conversations and experiences to engage with these things — the taboos of race, spirituality and religion, of sex, of beauty, of power, of the dark parts of being human, being black and living in and shaping the American culture. With play, with humor, with gravity, with having the ability to remain in connection with anyone, not just black folk, to have room to say what we want to, what we need to, what we have been holding back for fear of retribution or being an outcast. We include everyone. All subjects are up for discussion.


The world wants soul. We are soul. We have what the world wants. The price of admission into dominant culture has been to cover the soul. We want to shift this. We want to reveal the power of the naked black soul. We want to shift and define the dominant culture through the revealing and expression of our souls. It starts with our book.


Black people hold a valuable pole in American culture but we don’t know it, or often celebrate it. The goal is to recognize this so we are strong enough to bring our pole and recognize the innate gifts we have within our culture. The BlackBox approach is to facilitate conversations, the difficult or unspoken things that are happening all the time in our daily interactions, and in the culture at large. The underlying goal of these conversations is to heal the separation that we as a country and a culture have found ourselves in and create a new foundation built on our gifts of flow, connection, understanding and unity.

BlackBox Online Content Channel

We produce short and long-form storytelling and narrative video. The goal of our content is to facilitate discussion and intimate conversations about the black experience.


We host weekly Clubhouse events. We incubate a lot of our conversations here, with topics like: trigger words, interracial relating, meditation, religion and spirituality.

Black Soulmaker Book

This book sets out a vision and a framework for a new black consciousness, built on the unique attributes of black culture, which are exactly what the world needs today. The African American historical experience, essentially a history of the trauma of unexpressed power, has resulted in deep problems that affect nutrition, finance, technology, community and education, but also point the way to the future: a future of dignity and power. Drawing on examples of black leaders who exemplify the new black power in an evolving world, the Black Book paints a vision of self-definition, excellence and resilience to uncover the Soul. 

Community Leadership Programs

These development programs will be inside of prisons across the US. They offer prison residents the opportunity to participate, at a greater depth, in programs that promote the discovery of themselves and who they are and provide guidance. The ultimate aim of this program is to encourage participants to become leaders in their communities, simply by being exactly who they are. To set the example for others to do the same within the prison environs and outside to families and friends.

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From the Blog

May 3, 2022
Our freedom comes from consciously putting our attention on what we want to, not on where it’s drawn to or hijacked. We put our focus where we want. The economy, the media, the ex, whoever — they don’t get to draw our attention if we don’t want it to go there.
August 3, 2021
BlackBox is a group dedicated to guiding black people towards expressing power by claiming our value. Through contemplative practices and group discussions, we desire to liberate our culture’s collective voices...
July 2, 2021
Marissa has a vision of the woman she would become while creating BlackBox.
April 27, 2021
There is an experience in life when I know I’m fully honest. I can feel it in my body, the ignited feeling of being alive and the sunken in feeling...
April 21, 2021
When something tragic can be the catalyst for a deep healing at the individual level with ripple effects that reach far and wide, that is the type of justice I want to see in our world.
April 12, 2021
I find myself constantly at the “mercy” of someone else’s decisions or rather under the spell of this belief that they are more powerful than I am.