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From Canceled to Contributive: The Prison Monastery Program is a new model for incarceration that rehumanizes the incarcerated, corrections officers, and the overall prison ecology.

Live Updates

Gary York, 30 year Correctional Officer veteran, and spokesperson for Guards to Guardian, wrote an article about the program in Corrections1. Read the article here
Art of Soulmaking is now in 150 facilities across the United States
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has accepted our application for the Art of Soulmaking program to be used at 10 facilities in California, with the potential of reaching 110,000 incarcerated individuals.
The Earth Program met with the founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive based in Michigan to provide the us with baby trees of the most evolved tree DNA in the world for the Earth Program’s prison program.
Free Food has now served over 12,000 meals this year, most of them sit downs in Ukiah, CA and Harlem, NY
Free food Harlem received 300+ lbs of donated produce from Fairway for our delicious farm to table meals
Free Food Oakland had its first pop up in July, serving enchiladas, Spanish rice and homemade cookies to those living on the streets of Oakland
Keisha and Casey Ernst, graduates from the Soil Food Web and of Catalyst BioAmendments, visited our property in Northern California and did testing of our living soil with a 40x video enhanced microscope. They’re helping the Earth Program develop our curriculum to include elements of the Soil Food Web school, the premier methodology of soil education in the world.
Matt Sherman, member of Black Box, recently posted about his experience in New York City. Check out his blog post here
Volunteers harvested snap peas and lettuce from our farm for this week’s Free Food Philo meal
Mendocino County Jail received a chicken coop donation from Carolina Coops, and Founder Matt DuBois flew in to help build it with the male and female garden crews
A state prison in Alabama has approved the inception of it’s first ever yoga program, held by members of the Art of Soulmaking community there. UFP is sending over 25 yoga mats and yoga blocks to be used on the death row unit yoga group.
Matt Sherman, a member of BlackBox, is on a Black Joy & Genius Tour along the East Coast. Read his latest blog here
Soulmakers have been sending us beautiful art work as they go through the program. This is an art piece from California Medical Facility
Earth program awarded a $50,000 grant to fund our prison botanical sanctuary program at Mendocino County Jail, a program that will both promote ecosystem restoration, community contribution, as well as education and employment for the incarcerated population at the jail. Watch our video here

Unconditional Freedom:

When incarceration becomes an opportunity for soul making, and organic farming’s aim becomes to feed the hungry, peace and restoration of ourselves and the planet can finally begin. Watch the documentary, Unconditional Freedom: At Home and in the World, and learn about initiatives that drive Unconditional Freedom. 

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Activating the unique expression of the discarded

Unconditional Freedom Project

Turning prisons into monasteries

Restoring prisons to their original intent; penitence. 
Spaces for contemplation, transformation, and

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facilities nationwide
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Liberating food for those in need

Free Food is about emptying what is full, and filling what is empty. This program provides dignified, nutritious healthy meals to those who otherwise could not afford them, and the opportunity to express love and contribute for those who have more than they need.

Over 22,000 meals served.


Soil into Climate Salvation

The Earth Program is our initiative to rewild the Earth. When we tend to the restoration of the earth, we are healing ourselves through healing the earth. We provide immersive training in ecological restoration practices both on The Land and to discarded populations.

Black Box

Black into Power

A movement towards the reclamation of the innate power of Blackness, towards a world where the power of Blackness is overt, and is offered freely and it is in service to all of humanity.

From the Blog

March 7, 2023
In the south [of India], soup dishes such as dal are mixed with rice to a texture that can be picked up. In the north, you use chapatis to pick up your food. You tear off a piece of chapati by leaning on it with the heel of your right hand and tearing with your fingers.
March 7, 2023
Knowing that someone sees you, listens to you, and actually cares about you can have a deeply profound effect on a person’s heart. If my heart can be softened and your heart can be softened, then that makes the world that much softer for everyone else.
March 7, 2023
Rachael handed me one of her cards and warmly invited me to come for a meal on Friday. I did so and was absolutely amazed to see the sheer dedication, love, and gentle handling of the many hungry people crowding the long tables, eagerly waiting to be fed.
March 7, 2023
The man Don has become is completely different from the boy I met all those years ago. He is a good, good man who is overflowing with care for others.
March 7, 2023
Dare to show kindness, patience, understanding, and laugh at that which stands in your way because with love and wisdom and willingness, you are far greater than any roadblock. Defiance!
February 13, 2023
Most of our lives are that of sleepwalking. All that nonsense we say about having free will is only half true. We have to first free our will, otherwise we are just unconsciously sleepwalking thinking we are in control.
February 7, 2023
This candy has all the crunch and butteriness of caramel brittle backed by rich, creamy chocolate studded with salty nuts. It has a good snap but it also gives way when you bite in and doesn’t break your teeth.
February 7, 2023
As I became curious about who she was, Mom started to reveal herself and it had less to do with Mom changing than it did with my own heart breaking down over time.
February 7, 2023
The respect and love are mutual and the intimacy shared boundless. Free Food L.A. is what provides me with a new breath every week.

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