Rehumanization is the process of restoring marginalized people and groups to dignity; it sees each of us as an essential element to a thriving human ecology.

Live Updates

Mendocino County Jail kicks off its ecological restoration project, providing both education in native trees and tree starters, as well as supplying much needed native plant starts to the state of California.

There are now more than 70 graduates from our Art of Soulmaking program.

Art of Soulmaking program launched an online certification process for our new letter-writing volunteers. Sign up here.

Ecologist John Liu came to Mendocino County Jail as a guest speaker for incarcerated participants in our Prison Earth Project.

We have started to serve our Free Food meals to residents at Live Oak Apartments, a transitional home in Ukiah where most residents are food-insecure. They look forward to Friday meals every week.

Free Food Harlem is now serving 300 people a week, with a rotation of chefs from Harlem cooking meals at the church before dining service every Friday evening.

Soulmaker group facilitators at Central California Women’s Facility are designing 12-week curriculum based on new version of Art of Soulmaking that’s been expanded to 26 weeks.

Free Food has served over 8,000 meals this year, many of them sit down meals in Harlem, NY and Ukiah, CA.

Art of Soulmaking is now live in more than 85 prisons across the United States.

Free Food Philo hosted our first sit down meal in Philo at The Company Kitchen to a large turnout of people in Anderson Valley, CA. Three other local restaurants have since offered to host future community meals!

Free Food Ukiah brings food every week to the kids at Juvenile Hall who contribute their garden produce to the meals. The kids get to taste the produce they’ve grown and experience home cooked meals.

Janelle Weaver, Executive Chef from the Bewildered Pig in Mendocino County, collaborated with Free Food Philo for an Easter meal to serve to those in need in Anderson Valley, as well as homeless in Ukiah

Love to Table has served over 4,000 meals, many of which were offered at our pop-up restaurant spaces in Harlem, NY and Ukiah, CA

Read a short account written by Angelica, daughter of Tami who is serving life without parole, whose mother-daughter relationship has healed through The Art of Soulmaking program

The Earth Program finalized and published a short film covering their work with soil Watch the video

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Activating the unique expression of the discarded

Unconditional Freedom Project

Turning prisons into monasteries

Restoring prisons to their original intent; penitence. 
Spaces for contemplation, transformation, and

students enrolled
facilities nationwide
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death row residents nationwide


Liberating food for those in need

Free Food is about emptying what is full, and filling what is empty. This program provides dignified, nutritious healthy meals to those who otherwise could not afford them, and the opportunity to express love and contribute for those who have more than they need.

Over 22,000 meals served.


Soil into Climate Salvation

The Earth Program is our initiative to rewild the Earth. When we tend to the restoration of the earth, we are healing ourselves through healing the earth. We provide immersive training in ecological restoration practices both on The Land and to discarded populations.

Black Box

Black into Power

A movement towards the reclamation of the innate power of Blackness, towards a world where the power of Blackness is overt, and is offered freely and it is in service to all of humanity.

From the Blog

May 3, 2022
Our freedom comes from consciously putting our attention on what we want to, not on where it’s drawn to or hijacked. We put our focus where we want. The economy, the media, the ex, whoever — they don’t get to draw our attention if we don’t want it to go there.
May 3, 2022
When I was in my late teens I began reading cookbooks like novels. It turns out I have something called synesthesia where a stimulus that comes in through one sense gets transferred to another sense. For me, it meant that when I read a recipe, I could smell it and taste it.
May 3, 2022
Why is it essential to be kind to ourselves? It’s astonishing that this question would even come up, but it’s more astonishing how many of us don’t think we deserve kindness — a tragic tribute to demeaning childhood programming and trauma.

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