Receiving. The Gift.

Through optionality, these brilliant students can break the social constructs. The cultural contracts that say to carry a gun is the natural order. That fast money is the only option. That common jobs are beneath them.

A Banner Year

This has been a banner year for Unconditional Freedom, and I wanted to take a moment to digest the amazing accomplishments that we’ve all achieved together…

Steps Toward Wisdom

It isn’t until we start those few shaky wobbling steps towards wisdom that we understand things don’t really matter. Connections and experiences matter.

How to Change a Human Life Video

Jay Davis talks about the gifts and lessons he’s learned from the streets of Harlem, gang life, and prison, as well as the purpose and redemption available there.

Sitting Inside It All

By the time we came to our spot under the window, faces were glowing. The room was finally silent. Eyes closed and breathing slowed as I led them, as I had been taught, to look inside for a place of stillness.

My Friend Don

“I’ve learned that if I write with my heart, it’s not my concern what the person gets out of it but I just allow them the opportunity to see things differently and let what I write speak for itself.”

The Troll and the Prince

You are no longer called a troll but a prince of light. You have known sadness, pain and suffering, hate, and destruction. Now you will know the joy of giving yourself to life.