The Impossible: My New Reality

I’ve managed to find meaning and purpose for my life at a time and place that I never thought possible. But, with the help and guidance from The Art of Soulmaking, the impossible has become my new reality.

Letter to My Children

I am not much of a bumper sticker person, but I do have one on the back of our family Subaru. It reads, “I’d rather be slowly consumed by moss.”

Passionate Exodus

A week later, I was able to see more of the passionate side of Exodus. Where they were more reverent with Chongwol there, this day he was not able to make it. But you could feel his influence on the men in the room from the week prior.

Receiving. The Gift.

Through optionality, these brilliant students can break the social constructs. The cultural contracts that say to carry a gun is the natural order. That fast money is the only option. That common jobs are beneath them.

A Banner Year

This has been a banner year for Unconditional Freedom, and I wanted to take a moment to digest the amazing accomplishments that we’ve all achieved together…

Steps Toward Wisdom

It isn’t until we start those few shaky wobbling steps towards wisdom that we understand things don’t really matter. Connections and experiences matter.

How to Change a Human Life Video

Jay Davis talks about the gifts and lessons he’s learned from the streets of Harlem, gang life, and prison, as well as the purpose and redemption available there.