Sitting Inside It All

By the time we came to our spot under the window, faces were glowing. The room was finally silent. Eyes closed and breathing slowed as I led them, as I had been taught, to look inside for a place of stillness.

My Friend Don

“I’ve learned that if I write with my heart, it’s not my concern what the person gets out of it but I just allow them the opportunity to see things differently and let what I write speak for itself.”

The Troll and the Prince

You are no longer called a troll but a prince of light. You have known sadness, pain and suffering, hate, and destruction. Now you will know the joy of giving yourself to life.

Most Valuable Lessons

Dare to show kindness, patience, understanding, and laugh at that which stands in your way because with love and wisdom and willingness, you are far greater than any roadblock. Defiance!

Free Will

Most of our lives are that of sleepwalking. All that nonsense we say about having free will is only half true. We have to first free our will, otherwise we are just unconsciously sleepwalking thinking we are in control.

Freedom Within

A day in the garden was like freedom to my heart… It was so satisfying to sit down to a meal and see the vegetables we grew on our plates. I would always announce to the others with a smile, “I planted and harvested that.”

Desert Tree

The Art of Soulmaking program brought me to a fuller understanding: That “dead” part of the tree is still part of the tree’s life. It is a crucial support for the tree, grounding it more fully, allowing it to flourish.