More Free than Those in the Free World

Remember what we put in is what we get out. It’s up to us to do the work, and then to apply the work. Yes, we may be incarcerated, but we have the power to be more free than those in the free world.

A Window into the Jail Monastery

After picking up the garden crew from their housing unit, I remind them that Sheriff Kendall begins his beekeeping class for them today. They are energized by this sense of purpose, learning a new skill and bonding as a team in the care of these bees.

A Free Soul

I was first introduced to the Art of the Soulmaking project by my mom, Tami Jade, who is an inmate at the Central California Women’s Facility at Chowchilla Prison.

SoulStretch Movement Class at CCWF

The first two groups set their mats down when they arrived in the room and my third group, a combination of women 65+, some in wheelchairs and some with their yoga mats, formed a semi-circle for class.

Forgiveness Releases the Burden On Your Own Heart

Hello again Laura,
I cannot believe another week has passed already. I am saddened that there are only two weeks left to the group. But I wholeheartedly intend to keep up the practices and tools I’ve re-incorporated into my daily life since beginning this course.

Soul Food: The Teens of Juvenile Hall Grow Produce for Local Senior Center

A tenet of Unconditional Freedom is to fill what is empty and empty what is full. Seven months ago, we started a mini-farm at Mendocino County’s Juvenile Hall, carving four, forty-five-foot beds into compacted, dry soil. We mixed in donated compost, added irrigation, and started planting with the kids. We dropped in milkweed and carrot […]