Artwork by Donavan P, Soulmaker at Mendocino County Jail

by Rosemary Eusted

Rosemary is an incarcerated participant in the Art of Soulmaking program in California. This is a poem she wrote to her volunteer penpal about her experience of the Art of Soulmaking program.

Like a zig zag puzzle laying on the table, waiting to be put back together, that was who I was for many years. Thousands of pieces of puzzle just laying there year after year waiting to find their place. Till one day pieces of the puzzle started finding their place; one by one people would come along, picking up a piece of the puzzle and helping put it together. Day by day pieces connected, I never knew so many hands could put this puzzle together, after being so broken for so many years. The people who stop and help along the way, thank you.

I couldn’t do it on my own—tried for so many years to put the pieces back together, but I couldn’t do it. Never think no one will help because they will. I’m glad it took years to put this puzzle together because what I see today is the puzzle I have come to love. It might have taken many years of waiting to see the results, and what I see today is beautiful. The wait and patience of being put back together was worth it. Finally, I see what a beautiful picture—everyone had a part of putting the puzzle back together. Thank you for reaching out and helping.

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