Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Andy Potter

I began my career as a Correctional Officer in the late 1980s working at the Michigan Training Unit. I also worked at a maximum-security facility called Oaks Correctional Facility and then I transferred back to the training unit. Currently, I serve as the executive director for the Michigan Corrections Organization. I’m also the founder of […]

A Sunday Morning at Juvenile Hall

We were surprised to see all of the juveniles enter the garden for our day’s activities. We were under the impression that only Thursdays would include all the participants of the program. Today was Sunday; I had expected one or two kids, so when seven came out an excitement rushed through my body. Most of […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Brian Dawe

I started as a state correctional officer at MCI Norfolk medium-security prison in Massachusetts in May of 1982 and left the department in 1998. In 1988, I helped co-found the Massachusetts Correctional Officers Federated Union, and served on the executive board for nine years. During my tenure, I started connecting with the officers around the […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Luis Soto

I started working as a Correctional Officer in 1991 when I was twenty years old. I was struggling to pay for college during my first year at Montclair State University, and I saw a posting for the officers’ entrance exam being given at the Northern State Prison in Newark, New Jersey. I took the exam, […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Jerome

I started my Correctional career at the federal detention center in Brooklyn, New York, where I worked from 1994 to 1997. From there, I went to the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, which is now known as Immigration Customs Enforcement, as a detention officer. I worked there from 1997 to 2000. Next I went […]

My Mixed Hair

There is an experience in life when I know I’m fully honest. I can feel it in my body, the ignited feeling of being alive and the sunken in feeling of being grounded. And that experience lives in dynamic tension, always changing and always needing my attention to stay current. This has been a hard […]

Partner Chef: Janelle Weaver

Our visit with Janelle Weaver from the Bewildered Pig was gorgeous. She is everything we ever dreamed of being as a chef – creative, hospitable, whipping up beautiful intricate creations with ease, joyful and witchy. The way she handled ingredients was out of this world – using every ounce of a vegetable to never waste […]

The Verdict That Brought No Relief

When something tragic can be the catalyst for a deep healing at the individual level with ripple effects that reach far and wide, that is the type of justice I want to see in our world.

Partner Farm: Oz Farms

We had a great trip today to get some spring produce from our neighboring partner farm, Oz Farm, for this weekend’s Love To Table meal.

Our First 100 Letters With Chowchilla Prison!

This week we hit 100 letters received from women enrolled in our Art of Soulmaking course at the Central California Women’s Facility, the country’s largest women’s prison!  The letter correspondence has been an incredibly moving journey. The volunteers share that the experiences range the full spectrum of connection from funny to creative to powerfully insightful. […]