How to Learn

To learn something new, you have to admit you don’t know something and then be open to learning. At the same time, you have to know you are brilliant, you are just learning a new skill. Not knowing is the only way to grow.

A Way to Remember Who You Are

We have the force to build a new world, without the need to fight the existing one. We carve out new grooves and lay new paths in resonance with Mother Nature, together, one dinner at a time.

Invisibility and love

I thought back to my friend who wanted me to do Free Food so I could see what I was made of. Now, I get to see how my love can change people, and they bring me into the light.

Receiving. The Gift.

Through optionality, these brilliant students can break the social constructs. The cultural contracts that say to carry a gun is the natural order. That fast money is the only option. That common jobs are beneath them.

A Banner Year

This has been a banner year for Unconditional Freedom, and I wanted to take a moment to digest the amazing accomplishments that we’ve all achieved together…

The Sleight of Hand

The freedom of your mind/spirit is not an illusion, it is the foundation upon which real world heavens or hells are built.