Turning Prisons
into Monasteries

The Prison Monastery Our most radical concept is to restore the penitentiary to its roots; a place to contemplate and meaningfully contribute to society while incarcerated, in the process transforming shame into contribution.

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Our Unconditional Freedom Documentary is being watched by 12,223 Incarcerated Soulmakers.
A group of neurodivergent volunteers from AHRC New York City, “an organization committed to achieving equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” comes every week to help set up for our Free Food meals.
The Art of Addiction digital curriculum is finished and being loaded into the Edovo tablets, where it will be able to be accessed by incarcerated individuals in over 375 facilities across the country.
Feswali Mulanda, originally from Keyna and most recently a chef at meditation and retreat centers in Northern California, is our new chef at Free Food Harlem.
Across the in person and online events, 395 women have attended Women Over Dinner events to build power and connection in a new way among women.
The Prison Monastery team went to the American Correctional Association conference in Washington DC to share about our unique projects in the correctional space and connect with new and old partners.
Our newest initiative, Women Over Dinner, has reached 10 cities across the US and UK in the past 4 months
In California alone, the number of incarcerated residents who are able to access the Art of Soulmaking program is around 82K.
The inaugural Refettorio Harlem Fundraiser on January 16, 2024 featured an Eight-hands Culinary & Truffle Experience by some of NYC’s finest Italian chefs including Michele Casadei Massari, Owner and Executive Chef of Lucciola, Stefano Secchi, Executive Chef and Partner of Rezdôra, Eataly Scuola & Culinary, and Chef Antonino Settepani and Chef Bilena Settepani. The event featured special musical guest and Harlem jazz icon, Patience Higgins, along with local Harlem artist Aleathia Brown.
Gary York, 30 year Correctional Officer veteran, and spokesperson for Guards to Guardian, wrote an article about the program in Corrections1. Read the article here
Art of Soulmaking is now in 375 facilities across the United States
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has accepted our application for the Art of Soulmaking program to be used at 10 facilities in California, with the potential of reaching 110,000 incarcerated individuals.
The Earth Program met with the founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive based in Michigan to provide the us with baby trees of the most evolved tree DNA in the world for the Earth Program’s prison program.
Free Food has now served over 12,000 meals this year, most of them sit downs in Ukiah, CA and Harlem, NY
Free food Harlem received 300+ lbs of donated produce from Fairway for our delicious farm to table meals

prisons to their purpose;

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  1. HEALING: Soul-restoration through working the earth
  2. CONNECTION: Food as a love delivery system
  3. LIBERATION: Reclaiming power based in responsibility
  4. SOCIAL JUSTICE: Consciousness through contribution

Collectively, these form our human ecology.


Prison residents could be leaders in restoring soil fertility and creating carbon-negative farmland, critical skills in the 2030 initiative to reduce greenhouse gas.


The prison diet consists largely
of corn syrup, sugar and
carbohydrates. These foods
are also prevalent in
impoverished communities.

This contributes to the
significantly higher rates of
heart-related health issues.


Residents need the space to
carve out their own freedom.

We provide frameworks,
contemplative practices and
healing processes adapted
specifically for people in
prison, many of whom struggle
with issues around addiction,
mental illness, and race.


Residents who have in-prison
job training have reduced rates
of recidivism. The higher the
wages people in prison can earn
after release, the lower the rate
of recidivism.

Through meaningful contribution,
people in prison reduce shame
and guilt and restore dignity.

Attracting the top talent in various domains from
cooking to ecosystem restoration to education to teach in
prisons for free and record for public consumption

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The Art
of Soulmaking

“Art of Soulmaking is a way or a tool for people to use to do
some of that inner work they need to do.”

- Kate Feigin, Restorative Justice
Manager at Mendocino County Jail

One Day at a Time

"This is hard for me, some of the questions bring thoughts and memories that even go far beyond the question. But I also feel it is good for me... and I do a little then I meditate and stretch some. I’m able to hear my inner voice and not just shut it down or close it out. Thank you for this project. I’m especially thankful for it at this time and point in my time and life.”
Tami Jade
Art of Soulmaking student

Learn more about The Art of Soulmaking

The Art of Soulmaking (AOS) workbook teaches contemplative practices, along with meditation and yoga. The purpose of the book is to guide one towards discovering their unique genius. Every incarcerated student or Soulmaker is paired with a volunteer like you to correspond by mail as you both journey through the book and exercises.

Forgiving Yourself

"When you take all the exercises of the soulmaking and put them all together you learn how to love yourself and forgive yourself."
Art of Soulmaking Student

Working with Pain

"I believe this course really opened up my eyes to a lot of pain I was running from. This course really allowed me to confront some of my ways of thinking that were keeping me locked in constant battle with myself. I was not beacon of light I know I can be. I've faced a lot of my demons throughout this course, I won't say it was easy, but I can say it was worth it."
Art of Soulmaking Student

Free in My Cell

"As I complete week 7 of “The Art of Soulmaking” I feel like a better version of myself. I have struggled to be vulnerable... but felt that this was different... I live in a cell but feel more free as a result of the daily meditation and yoga because I can be “free in my mind.”"
Art of Soulmaking Student
Learn More

The Art of Soulmaking workbook is now used in over 70 prisons across the country. This “monastery in a book” teaches contemplative practices, along with meditation and yoga. The purpose of this book is to guide one toward discovering their unique genius, providing tools to take pain and darkness and convert it in to creativity. Individuals in prison studying the book are paired with volunteer penpals like you to share in this journey. Download the book for free and click here to learn about how to volunteer.

“Having been able to experience that [Soulmaking] with my mom….We were able to converse about the things that she learns and she does in there, and I try to incorporate it in my life out here. It’s truly just a blessing to be able to do that with her. Because it’s made her happier. Overall, it’s made me a lot happier.”

Angelica, daughter of a woman serving life without possibility of parole sentence and Art of Soulmaking facilitator

From Guards
to Guardians

Guards to Guardians helps COs re-envision their lives and
their work and connect more deeply with the nobility of their
calling. Seekers will find recognition, insights,
encouragement, and reflections to help embrace and embody
the role of the guardian, and thus to enrich not only their
work but their life as a whole.

For those who believe in redemption, there is no nobler role
than that of a Corrections Officer. Join the Program Online.

Guards to Guardian Book

"COs venture into spaces most of us dare not tread, to do a job most of us could not do. They see things most of us could not imagine, and endure experiences that would break the rest of us into pieces...Yet in reality, in spite of all this—and in fact because of this—there exists the potential for something different...For a way for COs to do their work in a way that’s more meaningful and more impactful, for themselves and the rest of the world."
Guards to Guardian Book
publishing March 2022

Brian Dawe, MCI Norfolk Prison

"I mean there are still certain things that I don't like about myself that I know I can see I am reacting in a way I don't want to react. My god when I was younger I told my daughter one day to go to her cell."


Keith Hellwig

"I’d be fighting with someone, maybe using pepper spray, and a half hour later I’d be sitting at the dinner table with my family. There was no transition time. It affected me and my family. There were times when I had to remember that my kids weren’t inmates."


Anthony Gangi

“I believe this is a noble profession. I believe what we do is a public service that is rarely recognized. One of my goals is to remind people that we are true professionals and deserving of self-worth. I'm tired of people bashing what I do, because it is a piece of who I am, a part of me."

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Get Involved

Get Involved

UFP Volunteers

Unconditional Freedom Project Volunteer Letter Writers are at the forefront of our work to advance our mission of turning Prisons into Monestaries and changing the lives of millions of people. These efforts serve to provide thousands of prisoners with a way to thoughtfully connect with the outside world and support them on their path to healing and self inquiry.

Turning Prisons into Monasteries