The Impossible: My New Reality

by Nicholas Smith

I woke up in the darkest, loneliest place in my life both figuratively and literally. I was 30 years old, addicted to drugs, had burned all my bridges, lost everything, and found myself on Death Row. I was at a breaking point, or what some people call the “dark night of the soul.” But, ironically, that’s where I stumbled across The Art of Soulmaking.

Now, AOS isn’t magic. It doesn’t have any power in and of itself. It didn’t even change my life. Instead, The Art of Soulmaking guided me on an inward journey. It led me to an infinite source of Power — or genius — within me and taught me how to tap into that Power. It introduced me to tools I didn’t know I had and ultimately taught me how to create, recreate, and co-create my life and myself.

I’m currently 35 years old. Although I’m still on Death Row, so much has changed. I’ve been sober for three years, my relationship with friends, family, and myself has improved, my health has improved, and most importantly, I’ve managed to find meaning and purpose for my life at a time and place that I never thought possible. But, with the help and guidance from The Art of Soulmaking, the impossible has become my new reality.

If you are considering embarking on this inner journey with The Art of Soulmaking or have just begun, I believe you should know that you’ll only get out of it what you put in. I’ve seen men who put their all into this personal work and their lives and personalities have completely transformed, and I’ve seen men who didn’t put anything into it and their lives are the same or worse. But, no matter what stage of your life you are in, and despite what you may think, you are not alone.

Nicholas Smith found The Art of Soulmaking in 2021 and held an in-person study group with members of his unit at AL Dept of Correction, Holman Unit, Death Row. His group was so popular two corrections officers also joined them. A Buddhist practitioner, Nick is in the process of starting up a new AOS group.

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