The Art of Women’s Connection

There is the ineffableness of an experience with women sharing their power. You have to feel it to know it. But it can move mountains.

Serving You Serves Me

Some may think this is witchcraft or magic, but to me, it is women. Women taking a risk, unveiling the mask, letting go of the protective layers, and taking that one brave step to say yes. Yes to themselves. Yes to their power. Yes to their vulnerabilities. And yes to their voices.

One Woman’s Journey to Admitting Her Power

I found every possible way to shame that part of her because I had no access to that part of me. It wasn’t until years later that what I thought was wrong with her was everything I demonized in myself.

A Woman’s Movement Powered By Our Remembering

[F]rom The Age of Eros, a manifesto written by Nicole Daedone, one of the women who birthed Women Over Dinner, “I’m going to ask you to consider the possibility that the way we think about things might not be completely accurate. That we might be confusing force with power.”

A Way to Remember Who You Are

We have the force to build a new world, without the need to fight the existing one. We carve out new grooves and lay new paths in resonance with Mother Nature, together, one dinner at a time.