Chosen to be Black

BlackBox is a group dedicated to guiding black people towards expressing power by claiming our value. Through contemplative practices and group discussions, we desire to liberate our culture’s collective voices and each individual soul’s unique expression. We aim to show black culture that our power comes from within and is not determined by another. An […]

My Mixed Hair

There is an experience in life when I know I’m fully honest. I can feel it in my body, the ignited feeling of being alive and the sunken in feeling of being grounded. And that experience lives in dynamic tension, always changing and always needing my attention to stay current. This has been a hard […]

The Verdict That Brought No Relief

When something tragic can be the catalyst for a deep healing at the individual level with ripple effects that reach far and wide, that is the type of justice I want to see in our world.

BlackBox: Why Not Me?

I find myself constantly at the “mercy” of someone else’s decisions or rather under the spell of this belief that they are more powerful than I am.

BlackBox: Matt Watches MLK/FBI

The film covers a side of MLK’s life that I hadn’t often heard or been taught about. The worn exhausted look on his face in some scenes of this documentary weren’t images I was familiar with. And the look not from a source I’d suspect.