Doors Open to Everyone

When I was homeless, I didn’t have a choice of what to eat. If it was cold food, milk, bread, peanut butter and jelly, an apple, I’d eat it. At Free Food, the food is great. We make it ourselves. We make it out of our hearts.

“How Much for a Flower?”

We were loading all our bags of food and supplies up on the curb for the short drive over to the church when a man stopped me to ask about the flowers. We had a bucket stuffed to capacity with colorful roses and peonies, all donations from a local flower shop in New York, Eros […]

Food and Love – Connecting the Dots 

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to bake for people, to love them though food. My mom despised cooking and my dad had no idea how, but somewhere I picked up the love of baking. I remember having birthday parties when everyone would get a cupcake and get to decorate it to […]

Free Food: A Place to Find Love

One of our volunteers, who comes in every week, is very observant. He watches. I asked him the other day why he comes, he said, “To come to a place where all people are accepted. It’s not like that in other places…”

Spotlight on Free Food Volunteer

Our Free Food volunteer Margot shares her experience of volunteering at our sit-down restaurant for the homeless and those in need, as well as the profound impact it had on her.

Two Red Doors

The motto of Free Food is “liberate everything.” How beautiful it was that we found ourselves inside the heart of another community that does just that.