Cinnamon-Cardamom Filled Whole Grain Scones

When I was in my late teens I began reading cookbooks like novels. It turns out I have something called synesthesia where a stimulus that comes in through one sense gets transferred to another sense. For me, it meant that when I read a recipe, I could smell it and taste it.

Asparagus Goat Cheese Spring Galette

We had a lot of fun developing this Spring Galette recipe. We looked up a ton of recipes to see the general technique before landing on an approach that fits with our style of cooking.

Recipe: Baingan Bharta

We discovered this eggplant dish in the 70’s, and it is a wonderful recipe for those of us, including me, who only like eggplant under certain specific circumstances.

Parmesan Cream Shrimp in Roasted Kabocha Boats

There is a precious little country in South America with 3 ½ million people and 30 million free range cows getting fat on the rich pampas grass that grows wild there. This young country, established in 1825, is called Uruguay, “river of the painted birds.”