The Prisons We Build Inside

by Donald Dillbeck

Donald is an incarcerated participant in the Art of Soulmaking program in Florida.

We all want to be free. Whether we dwell in a prison cell block or live in a luxurious home, there is a longing for freedom from our innermost fears. Freedom from the internal voice that says, “I’m unworthy,” and fills us with unhealthy guilt and shame. It’s also the source of our self-destructive patterns, whether they be self-doubts or the feeling of hopelessness. The prisons we build inside us are way more restrictive than any one made of concrete, bars, and barbed wire fences could ever be. I know this because like you, I have dwelled in both.

The Art of Soulmaking program offers us a way of breaking out of our inner prisons and finding self-liberation! Many of the ideas may seem a little bazaar, but if you take the time to study and put what’s written into practice, you might really be surprised with the outcome. What is there to lose for giving it a go?

Some of the things you will learn are self-compassion and how to view your past in a better light. You will learn how to embrace all aspects of your personal makeup which will give you more strength and a sense of completeness.

This is not a program that’s going to judge you, nor is it going to tell you what you should or what you are supposed to do. It just offers simple yet effective ways for you to discover inner freedom that’s possible regardless of what your circumstance or situation might be. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you may have done, unconditional freedom is yours for the having. So, are you willing to take this opportunity and discover new possibilities you never thought possible before? If so, inner freedom is yours.

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