Partner Chef: Janelle Weaver

Our visit with Janelle Weaver from the Bewildered Pig was gorgeous. She is everything we ever dreamed of being as a chef – creative, hospitable, whipping up beautiful intricate creations with ease, joyful and witchy. The way she handled ingredients was out of this world – using every ounce of a vegetable to never waste […]

Partner Farm: Oz Farms

We had a great trip today to get some spring produce from our neighboring partner farm, Oz Farm, for this weekend’s Love To Table meal.

Chef Meets Shelter

Being in the Anderson Valley, there are so many hidden places to explore, so much rich abundance nestled between the lush forest green. We had known about The Bewildered Pig restaurant for a while and wanted to connect with the chef there to cook a meal for our homeless guests. Inspired by our post about […]

Our Orange Tree

We started serving at The Living Room in July of 2020, during the peak times of the pandemic when we were just starting to realize it wasn’t going to end any time soon. The Living Room is a shelter offering stability and support for women in transition from homelessness. We put our dream of opening […]