Land Soil & Water Summit

On October 15th, at the tail-end of a long dry season, we convened a dream team of experts in water and soil ecology to develop a restoration plan for the Land’s hydrological cycle and soil health.

A Chef’s Take on Preserving Your Harvest

by Jay Holecek As a chef who has worked with food from all over the world, I find it very fulfilling to preserve and value add common ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste. When you consider food preservation, most people think of those mysterious cans of pickles that sit in the back of […]

Fig Spread

When the figs are ripe, they are ripe, and there is no denying them. On Cape Cod we have this particular purple fig that starts producing gorgeous ripe fruit towards the end of August. We brought this fig from our house in Connecticut. The tree was a baby at the time.

Informed by a Daffodil

By Edward Espe Brown My friend Sharon told me a story about a friend of hers who had been a nurse for the homeless in Boston and then retired and moved up to Maine. After not working for a couple of years, she got a job distributing medications at a maximum-security prison. In the spring, […]

Elderberry Syrup

By Louise Ayer My friend Priscilla and I have a great fondness for foraging. We love to pick the wild fruits, wine berries, black berries, wild grapes, beach plums, and elderberries. We will drive half an hour to an abandoned train track because Priscilla might have seen a cache of elderberries on a previous drive […]