Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Steve Maynard

I started my career as a Correctional Officer in North Carolina in 2005 at two facilities. One was the old Greensboro jail, we call it the linear style facility with the jail catwalk and bar sliding doors, an old school jail, if you will. I was also working at a Direct Supervision jail in High […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Robert Phillips Schoch Jr.

I worked as a Correctional Officer with the Polk County Sheriff’s office for 28 years. I worked in the jail setting for about four or five years, then became a court bailiff for 25 years until I retired. I was in the military for six years active duty and the rest was Army Guard as […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Russell Hamilton

Russell Hamilton

I have worked over 29 years as a Correctional Officer. I started my career in the late 80s with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation–except, at the time, it was just Corrections, no rehabilitation involved at San Quentin State Prison. I worked there for many years, including on death row and some of the […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Chris Bowser

I had wanted to be a police officer since I was in 3rd grade, but I was not able to get any traction in my adult life. I made the decision to join the army in 2008. I was 23. When I signed up I wanted to be Law and Order Military Police, these are […]