Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Robert Phillips Schoch Jr.

I worked as a Correctional Officer with the Polk County Sheriff’s office for 28 years. I worked in the jail setting for about four or five years, then became a court bailiff for 25 years until I retired. I was in the military for six years active duty and the rest was Army Guard as […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Russell Hamilton

Russell Hamilton

I have worked over 29 years as a Correctional Officer. I started my career in the late 80s with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation–except, at the time, it was just Corrections, no rehabilitation involved at San Quentin State Prison. I worked there for many years, including on death row and some of the […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Chris Bowser

I had wanted to be a police officer since I was in 3rd grade, but I was not able to get any traction in my adult life. I made the decision to join the army in 2008. I was 23. When I signed up I wanted to be Law and Order Military Police, these are […]