Pain to Purpose

by Michael Philpot

A participant in the Art of Soulmaking program at a correctional facility in Florida, Michael is also a published author of a book of poems on Amazon entitled Emotional.

Life, a four-letter word that few can decipher, but all at some point try,

It’s been said we never really figure it out, that’s at least until we die,

In the midst of our search for understanding, we experience many things,

Some good some bad, but it’s all what life brings.

I’ve found a way to turn my pain into a purpose, with my words and a pen,

Let the oasis of heartache flow, for a higher purpose or worthy end,

We all must make the best of this life that we’ve been given,

No matter if we’re living it on the streets or in prison.

Find a reason to turn your pain into purpose, and it’ll give pain new meaning,

For now, it has become fuel for a life worth living, instead of a life that’s demeaning.

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