Healing the Soil


Ecologist and filmmaker John D. Liu, renowned for his work to regenerate large-scale, degraded ecosystems, shares four tips for how anyone can help to heal our planet.

1. Broadcast native plant/seed flowers using DIY seed bombs. They’re all the craze, just look up online how to make your own. Go out and find an empty lot or degraded landscape and get it growing.

2. Incorporate more sea vegetables into your diet. Sea vegetables don’t require irrigation and don’t contribute to top soil erosion. They are incredibly high in nutrition and nori wraps rock!!!

3. Educate yourself and others on nature. Educate yourself and your children and your friends and your friend’s children by downloading a plant identification app and going on nature hikes in your neighborhood and surrounding ecosystems (nurseries too). Learn how to identify native species and wildlife all around you. We need to preserve and strengthen our tethered bond with the systems around us using our minds, bodies, and community.

4. Evaluate your surroundings so you can inform others, xeriscape your lawn or yard with natives, or amend some behaviors to help restore degraded landscapes. Change and care begin with observation. Come up with your own ways to restore and regenerate!

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