BlackBox Live Talks: Interracial Relationships

We held our first ever live talk with a small audience in Northern California. We spoke about interracial dating and relating. There were a few reasons why we decided on this topic. One reason was that there feels like there is still, depending on where in the country one might be located, some level of the taboo around interracial dating. A second reason was, being a black person in this great melting pot of a country, living a life where there isn’t a large amount of interracial relating feels quite rare. 

The goal of these talks and everything we do is to provide space to converse openly about the things that happen in every aspect of our humanness that we don’t feel like we can. We wanted to know – what things do people feel they can’t say or express or feel? We asked this question and, as we’ve found time and again in conversations like these, it is often the most loving and sensitive, caring and compassionate things people feel like they can’t say. The talk felt open, honest and vulnerable. There was laughter. There were tears. The connection felt intimate, inclusive and palpable. 

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