BlackBox Core Principles

  1. We represent the whole spectrum of black identity and its many expressions, remembering the diversity of our roots
  2. Suffering occurs as a result of not understanding ourselves and our power
  3. Once that power is understood and we take responsibility for it, we will be able to replace the obsolete with art
  4. We reclaim animal nature as part of our essence, celebrating black labido as the source of our true beauty and grace
  5. We can stand by what we believe while also listening to what others have to say, and that doing so is an opportunity to put our values to the test 
  6. We add humor, levity and play to charged areas
  7. To restore dignity to our community we recognize the potential within each of us, the specific and unique gift that needs to be expressed
  8. Redefine diversity and inclusion as feeling a sense of home wherever we go, not reliant on circumstances

The Rehumanization Magazine

newslettersGet access to the monthly Rehumanization Magazine featuring contributors from the front lines of this effort—those living on Death Row, residents of the largest women’s prison in the world, renowned ecologists, the food insecure, and veteran correctional officers alike.