Letter to My Children

I am not much of a bumper sticker person, but I do have one on the back of our family Subaru. It reads, “I’d rather be slowly consumed by moss.”

Serving You Serves Me

Some may think this is witchcraft or magic, but to me, it is women. Women taking a risk, unveiling the mask, letting go of the protective layers, and taking that one brave step to say yes. Yes to themselves. Yes to their power. Yes to their vulnerabilities. And yes to their voices.

A Recipe for Happiness

Volunteers and employees are all given responsibility and allowed to shine. Tasks and assignments are based on desire and love, whether one has been doing that task for a decade or a day, and then given the time to titrate to their own personal capacity.

Pain into Something Beautiful

Now, it’s just a matter of giving back. One of the greatest changes in me came from realizing that life itself is not about me at all… it’s about other people and my own interactions with them.

Passionate Exodus

A week later, I was able to see more of the passionate side of Exodus. Where they were more reverent with Chongwol there, this day he was not able to make it. But you could feel his influence on the men in the room from the week prior.

Malcolm and the Monk

But this day. This moment. Every line and limitation I’d looked for has blended and blurred. Every idea of what is supposed to be has been erased. We are the ocean, as the Tibetan Monk would say. A variety of waves, a part of the same source underneath.

One Woman’s Journey to Admitting Her Power

I found every possible way to shame that part of her because I had no access to that part of me. It wasn’t until years later that what I thought was wrong with her was everything I demonized in myself.

A Woman’s Movement Powered By Our Remembering

[F]rom The Age of Eros, a manifesto written by Nicole Daedone, one of the women who birthed Women Over Dinner, “I’m going to ask you to consider the possibility that the way we think about things might not be completely accurate. That we might be confusing force with power.”

Art of Soulmaking, Finding Our Shared Humanity

We all inhabit this world together, we are all connected, we are all experiencing emotions that elicit behaviors and patterns and for the most part, we are all seeking the tools to work with it all and to get free from our prisons, whether that’s literal prison like our incarcerated pen pals or the internal prisons we build for ourselves.