Art of Soulmaking Mentorship Program

After receiving several letters from women at a state facility in California asking how they can continue their Soulmaking journey, we decided to do an early launch of our Mentorship Program. The Art of Soulmaking Mentorship Program is for graduates who hear the call to continue on this path of restoration through nourishment and self-inquiry.

Soulmaking is a lifelong practice; a study, an ongoing learning where we may often feel like beginners. Through our Mentorship program, graduates have the opportunity to support those who are new to Soulmaking. Mentors facilitate small groups with other students and graduates of the program, sharing their experiences through vulnerable stories as a way to encourage. The small groups cover a range of topics relevant to the practices and spiritual teachings of the program like Soul Letters, yoga, meditation, Basic Goodness, Victim Consciousness, Alchemy, Forgiveness, and The Soulmaker Movement Principles. These groups will also use our Monastic Life Video Library for some of the topics. Today we mailed out our first Art of Soulmaking Group Facilitation packet full of scripts and readings to help the mentors guide these sessions.

The idea is that Mentorship helps deepen the connection with soul while also fostering a community. In moments where we want to give up on ourselves, having this kind of connection to another on the same path serves as a reminder to keep going. We call this exchange-through-connection – by giving we receive and by receiving we give.


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