A Ray of Light: The Spark (a video essay)

My name is Ray Corona. Friends incarcerated with me know me as “StingRay.” I have been an inmate of the North Carolina prison system for five years. Please allow me a moment of your time to share my thoughts with you.

Through the trials of my mistakes, the people I’ve shared time with and my refusal to give up on myself or surrender to institutional norms, I have come to understand the purpose of my incarceration experience to be one of awakening to the Truths of humankind. To see another human being as simply that: another you, another me. To see the pain in my soul mirrored in another, and understand what they need to heal by feeling what I need to heal. To see clearly the Love in our own hearts and understand that each other person, each other you… All of us share that Love and Power as one beating organism of purpose in Compassion, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Growth.

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