A Free Soul

by Angelica Solis

I was first introduced to the Art of the Soulmaking project by my mom, Tami Jade, who is an inmate at the Central California Women’s Facility at Chowchilla Prison. My mom informed me about all of the amazing transformations that this program has been helping her achieve within herself.

As an extension of the program, I was offered the opportunity to participate from outside of prison. I received the Art of Soulmaking workbook along with a yoga mat, and got started. Within the workbook, we learn how to harvest the pain that we hold inside, work on forgiveness — whether that means forgiving ourselves or others — and find ways to get in tune with our souls.

I have seen many changes in my mom since she has been a part of this program. I see the happiness that she now has. I see that even though my mom is incarcerated, in a way she is free. She has been able to work on letting go of a lot of the barriers that were holding her captive inside. I have truly seen a difference with my mom, and I know this program has a lot to do with her evolution. Through the program I have also learned how to uncover where my stress, pain, and fears come from, and I’ve learned how to work on releasing those feelings in a healthy manner.

This program has had an impact on my relationship with my mom in a positive way. She feels a sense of freedom within herself that makes her happier, and this gives me heart. I do believe if others, incarcerated or not, had the chance to work with the Art of Soulmaking project and go over these workbooks, it would help them in so many ways.

In the workbook there are certain areas where we read about God our creator. Being a Christian woman, wife, and mother, my everyday life is based on God. Being able to have a relationship with our Father and being able to get in tune with all of my feelings has changed my life, and has changed my mother’s life as well. My mom also has a very strong relationship with God and puts all of her trust in Him. With God, all things are possible. I just want to say how happy and proud I am of my mom for all of the work that she’s done with herself and everything that she continues to work on. Every day is a blessing within itself. My mom has gone from being depressed and sad to being a whole new person.

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