The Art of Soulmaking

Excerpt from the Book – The Path to Unconditional Freedom

Dear Soulmaker,

Building a soul is the work of a lifetime. It never stops. It is the work we are all here to do and it is the work that must be done, because without a fully functioning soul — in you, in me, in her, in him, in everyone — we fail to learn, grow, and thrive. We do not meet our potential. The soul knows what it needs to move and grow; with The Art of Soulmaking, you’ll learn how to access it.

In this life, the call to each of us is the same: to grow strong enough inside ourselves so that we can connect and create art, relationships, a career, a life. That’s what the soul craves. It’s the call to know yourself and stand strong in the whirlwinds, calmly building and reaching and connecting with others while staying firmly rooted in your individuality, what you love to do, your desires, your essence, your soul.

The word “soul” has endless definitions, usually including the “immaterial essence” of a human being. That vague description doesn’t get us far, so let’s put a point on it. The soul is always cycling between light and darkness; the soul craves getting down and dirty as much as it loves the peace inside the light. The soul loves a bad girl just as well as it loves a good guy. The soul is the messages your body sends, the twinges and tingles, as well as that bright explosion of paint you threw on a canvas that seemingly came out of nowhere. The soul is the voice in your head that says, “do it” and then, “do it again,” driving you toward your particular genius.

You hear the soul in the wild, high note rising above the band and in the hunched-over form of the architect drafting at her desk. The soul moves fast and slow and every speed in between. It moves around inside of you, endlessly, then out of you and toward all that it feels, hears, smells, intuits, and sees. The soul is that sense of knowing when something is right; the soul, whether you are in tune with it or out of tune with it, guides your life.

Only you can tune in to your soul; it is unique to you. The soul has no rules. It is like the tiger and cannot be taken and domesticated. Even as you work on it and with it, the soul will surprise you. Even the greatest masters of the soul trip and fall from time to time. But part of being a master of the soul is getting back up and moving on, because that is what life takes.

You have a birthright. You were born perfect, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Whatever has happened in your life, whatever you’ve been told or believe, you deserve to be a whole human; you deserve a complete life. You must understand this is the practice of a lifetime.

We pour countless hours into our bodies, our kids, our houses, our wardrobes, our jobs — hell, even our pets — yet we devote no time to the most profound part of ourselves: our souls. We’re not talking about learning the rules of religion; we’re talking about the movement of the deepest, most complex part of your being that is specific to you. Our methods to reach this essence are simple and work across the entire spectrum of humans. What rises, however, is not simple.

As we work to understand ourselves and our points of contact with the Universe — with the vital energy of life — we see your unique genius moving into view. As you strip away the harsh words and disappointments you may have experienced, you create space inside yourself that is empty, a void. That “new” space is where you’ll live now, learning to convert any darkness into something of use in your life, something of beauty, not something that stops you. In this way, you work with life’s energies rather than exhausting yourself in opposition and denial.

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