The Meek Will Inherit the Earth

Meeked, a Greek term, is often misunderstood in today’s culture.  The original meaning of this term referred to wild horses which could be tamed to discipline, yet always retained the best aspects of their wild nature: raw power, and willingness to face adversity.  These horses proved far more valuable to society than those horses whose wild spirit was broken.


Master of Our Creative Soul

The master is our own creative soul and that the meek inheriting the earth is all of life being yoked to the truths of the soul rather than the ideas of the mind and that when this happens, all prejudice, bias, separation, hatred and damage to the earth will self resolve because each will recognize the meaning and responsibility that lies in the expression that we were all created equal.  Our work is to be the living expression of this truth. 

We look at society today and we see this wild spirit in our forgotten populations – the Prison resident, those without homes, the addicted. These are the same populations most deprived of the tools they would need to become disciplined: tools to restore dignity, ability for self-inquiry, and beauty.