Love Justice

Our aim is to empower all people to understand that, regardless of their situation, they have their own power source that can neither be given nor taken away.

Our goal is to build an underground revolution in the soul of each revolutionary that reaches critical mass, creating a gravitational force so great that it moves everything in its way. People being bombarded by the conflicting blandishments and politics of the day become pawns on one side or the other, but a person with a free mind, liberated from conditioning, cannot be moved by conditions. And those who cannot be moved, move those around them.

Those who stand on the bedrock of their own value and condition answer to a higher authority that can deliver ties that bind us together more tightly than the forces that would tear us apart. Fear leads each of us to hear a different version of the solution. Knowing our own value creates a holy place within each one of us, so that we stop competing with one another and begin to work together to create a unified vision of what we call the New Garden.

We become co-authors of the narrative instead of characters in story written by someone else. No matter how good or important a character you might be, if you are not doing the writing, you are not free. For so long as someone or something could enter and threaten your position, you are not free; you are merely occupying a more or less well-decorated prison.

Social justice brought us to our current state of affairs but it will not take us the rest of the way to a just, healthy culture. A new tradition based on love is needed to deliver on the promises of social justice. Love justice looks at the hidden true causes of society’s ills and proposes a paradigm shift towards love and unity so we can remedy them once and for all. 

Definition of Power

This is how power is defined in love justice: It is the only true power, power that arises when the natural wisdom that resides in the body draws down and combines with the ideas and ideals of the mind so that each provides what the other lacks. It is the bridge that connects our hearts, minds, and souls with the world in which we live.

This power is the expression of everything that is deepest and strongest and richest within us and what compels us to share our passion for the things we love. Once we are so in touch with every aspect of our lives, we begin to demand more not only of ourselves but also of our environment, so that the outer world matches what we feel inside. When we operate from that place, the pessimism and outrage that have come to underlie the fight for social justice lose their appeal. We become less willing to accept powerlessness, resignation, self-effacement, depression and self-denial, because they are not natural to us.

Love Justice Principles

We all need a shared set of collective principles. There needs to be revelation before there can be revolution. These principles can be simple:

  1. Our common welfare takes precedence over individual welfare, but the common welfare exists to promote the welfare of the individual.
  2. The Golden Rule is a given — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. You are responsible for your own experience. Where there is surplus, you are to contribute it to the common good.
  4. Love thine enemy.
  5. Put yourself in the shoes of your enemy.
  6. Leaders should be trusted servants.

All efforts should be made toward creating peace on the planet and this includes people living off the land as much as possible.

As we make reparations to the planet, we begin the next phase of reparations to the people: 

  1. We complete a thorough inventory of how the prior system harmed us and how. We let this process offer us a new way to evolve the world from materialism to consciousness.
  2. We provide a historical US-based training based on this inventory. We provide marginalized people with growth opportunities, specifically in the cyber world as well as recovery programs.
  3. We heal our relationships with our neighbors abroad.

Once we are healed, we can step into the unity or group flow necessary to create. We become who the pandemic has us be. We use this to tell us what is to come:

  1. Cyberworlds and the Cyberworld Declaration of Independence
  2. The New Currency and The Gift Economy
  3. Food Systems and Homesteading

We live together as those who live in the town centers in Europe, creating distinct forces to mingle, learn from one another and create new possibilities. Collectively, we step into a creative consciousness;  from fixating to creating, from thwarting sickness to building health, from mining finite resources to harnessing the infinite.

We do not lose the thrill of meeting challenges that makes for human greatness. We find new challenges, like developing ever-increasing human complexities or living artfully rather than merely scientifically. We move into a collective state of human thriving, the experience of doing what we know we should be doing and doing it with ever more sophisticated skill.

We come back once again to the love that has been dismissed as trivial. Paradoxically, we create our fast-paced drive to heal the pain that is caused by the drive itself. Our unlimited drive for success as defined by material possession has been the cause of the pains that we now labor to find even more ways to cure.

Love Justice Initiatives

Our programs will be available in the Fall of 2022. They include:

  1. Book: Love Justice book releases in July 2022
  2. Network of Love Activists: A committed community of Love Justice creators, each stationed in their various organizations and projects, who come together to share their experience, strength and inspiration in creating justice for and through love. Love Activist network is an informal organization, each autonomous to themselves, though reliant on one another for support, strength and resources. Leaders are those who serve the purposes of the group.
  3. Legislation: Love Justice attorneys and lobbyists, members of the network, will work to update critical laws which disable the flow of justice and love. We will strive to change laws concerning consent to fully acknowledge the ideas of free will, to prison food nutritional guidelines to allow for healthy eating for those in prison, all with the aim of ensuring our legal codes better reflect the ethos of Love Justice.
  4. From Cancel to Contributive: A primary focus will be to harness the power and momentum of today’s cancel culture, and redirect those energies to contributive culture. We will use education and the human stories of those cancelled, and those “Cancellors,” to resurrect the respect of human dignity as a right of everyone, whether victim or perpetrator, and in doing so restore our culture to one that champions contribution, of any size, over take down.
  5. The Love Justice Monastery: You can immerse in this path in a nourishing setting, with farm-to-table meals, daily practices, meetings, and the care and guidance of fellows.
  6. Talks: Sign up for short talks ranging from personal stories of those who have transitioned into love justice and discussions and spotlights of Love Justice initiatives.
  7. Practices: In addition to the Steps and fellowship, the Love Justice Program recommends and offers freely daily spiritual practices as a means to digest, integrate and clarify life’s daily experiences into new learnings.