How We Got Started

This time last year we were huddled around in our dining room, just beginning to catch our breath from the shock of a global pandemic and settling in to washing our hands 14 times a day, social distancing, and treating our dear friends who went out to the grocery store or post office like contaminated […]

Purposeful Fire

We’ve started a process of doing controlled burns on our land.  California is allowing for more intentional burning to quell the increasing forest fire trend we’ve been seeing across the state over the past 3 years.  There is also an initiative by those indigenous to the area to see more purposeful burning. There are many […]

New Italian Bees

Today we got 2 new bee boxes. They are an Italian variety, well known for a variety of great traits, such as their gentleness, fertility, reluctance to swarm, zeal for building comb, white honey-cappings, a willingness to enter supers, cleanliness, resistance to disease, and the tendency to collect flower honey rather than honeydew. We put […]

Rehumanization: Correctional Officer Story by Keith Hellwig

I’ve worked with a number of agencies, but chiefly with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, where I was employed for 36 years and retired as a Captain. For 23 of those years, I also worked as a police officer on the streets. Now, even though I’m retired, I continue to work as a patrol officer […]

Possession Room

The Possession Room happens to be filled with a lot of possessions, but that’s not how it got its name. What draws you into the room seems to be the possessions, the things. But that’s not it. What draws you into the room is the desire to be possessed, to be taken over by something […]

“The world will be saved by the western woman”

The Dali Lama’s has said, “the world will be saved by the western woman.” Most of the western women aren’t in a state to save the world. We are overworked, exhausted, and obsessed. We are in a perpetual cycle of restricting our appetites to meet expectations, both the culture’s and our own, and getting tight […]