The Art of Addiction

If you have found your way here, it is because you are open to the idea that addiction is a spiritual path. There are programs of recovery; this is a program of discovery. It is 180-degrees different from the traditional addiction recovery models. This program is a journey through the 12 alchemy steps and is meant to be completed with a guide or sponsor. It’s accessible for all genders.


As women, we aim to dive into the challenging and often taboo territory of our feminine power and personal and collective responsibility. We want to build a world where we embrace our collective energies and cast them out to heal ourselves and others through use of our creative power.

Love Justice

Social justice brought us to our current state of affairs but it will not take us the rest of the way to a just, healthy culture. A new tradition based on love is needed to deliver on the promises of social justice. Love Justice looks at the hidden true causes of society’s ills and proposes a paradigm shift towards love and unity. The principles of Love Justice include elevating ourselves by elevating others, taking inventory and making reparations for society’s past harms and using it as fuel for evolving society towards greater consciousness.