Contemplative Theater with Rhodessa Jones

Rhodessa Jones is the Director of the award winning Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women / HIV Circle. Rhodessa has been widely recognized for her work using performance art as a method for personal and social transformation with incarcerated women and women with HIV/AIDS, including the Montgomery Fellow at Dartmouth University, the Frank Rhodes Chair at Cornell University, an Artist-In-Residency at the University of Wisconsin, the Mayor’s Art Award in San Francisco, and in 2012 selected by the United States Department of State as an ARTS ENVOY! to South Africa.

In June 2001, her film collaboration We Just Telling Stories, a film profiling Ms. Jones and her work with the Medea Project in the San Francisco County jails, won Best Documentary at the San Francisco Black Film Festival.

Drama Triangle with Lynne Forrest

Lynne Forrest is an author and Spiritual Mentor. Lynne uses ancient principles in order to help her clients find their way back into right alignment with themselves, their partners and their life purpose.

Prayer with Rev Joanne Coleman

Reverend Joanne Coleman has been a staff Minister at Agape International Spiritual Center for four decades. Director of Agape Vision Core, expert in Aramaic Studies, artist and Shamanism, her unique gift lies in her ability to teach and speak honestly, joyously and intimately of her own spiritual experience and that of ancient Semitic cultures. She offers eloquent insight and wise humor that energize the imagination, satisfy soulish aspirations for fulfillment and help us taste the Awakened State right now.

Meditation with Margot Koch

Lay ordained in the Zen Buddhist tradition, Margot Koch has been meditating for nearly forty years. She has been a teacher for twenty-five, and worked with developmentally disabled learners for more than a dozen years. She taught art and public speaking in the schools, and has more recently facilitated speaking groups for adults, focusing on relational presence.

Yoga with Romy Phillips

Romy Phillips, MFA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, is an avid Ashtanga practitioner, meditation instructor and yoga therapist who began teaching yoga in 2001 in Los Angeles. She leads workshops, trainings and retreats in the US and Asia. Since 2012, Romy has led teacher trainings in Japan, China and Vietnam for YogaWorks, as well as Yoga Forma® workshops and intensives in the US and for First Ship Yoga School in Tokyo.

Conscious Eating with Sheira Kahn

Sheira Kahn, MFT, teaches people how to love themselves through transforming the inner critic and eating in peace. Her clients learn to embrace the body as the channel for the most humble and the most exalted parts of ourselves. She is co-author of a book on disordered eating for clinicians and offers retreats and workshops (now online).