Persimmon Muffins

After the leaves are gone, the persimmons remain on the tree, hanging there like Christmas ornaments, and slowly beginning to ripen and turn sweet. We were picking ripe, luscious fruit in the middle of December!

Pain to Purpose

I’ve found a way to turn my pain into a purpose, with my words and a pen,
Let the oasis of heartache flow, for a higher purpose or worthy end,
We all must make the best of this life that we’ve been given,
No matter if we’re living it on the streets or in prison.

Impermanence and the Transitory Nature of Food as Art

At 5 p.m. the meal comes together. All the items are assembled for the first time on the first plate which is set in front of the first patron. It’s like the last grain of sand, the final puzzle piece is in its place.

Freedom Within

A day in the garden was like freedom to my heart… It was so satisfying to sit down to a meal and see the vegetables we grew on our plates. I would always announce to the others with a smile, “I planted and harvested that.”

Turkey Barley Soup

Another thing I am always grateful for at Thanksgiving is the leftovers. I love to be able to open my refrigerator door, to look inside and dream about the possibilities of what to do with all those leftovers.

Sharing Abundance, Sharing Love

Alongside the food were large canisters of sparkling water, still water, and a homemade fruit beverage, providing each guest with a choice of drink before sitting at one of the well-made tables to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal.

Desert Tree

The Art of Soulmaking program brought me to a fuller understanding: That “dead” part of the tree is still part of the tree’s life. It is a crucial support for the tree, grounding it more fully, allowing it to flourish.

Dependency, a Helluva’ Drug

You understand that obligation doesn’t actually exist. It’s not real. It’s merely a place where you won’t take responsibility for what you want.

Transformation Through the Art of Forgiveness

Many years ago, someone sent me a book marker with the saying “Peace Begins with me” on it. The message I received from this saying is that it’s up to me to be the one to try and get along with everyone else.