In the south [of India], soup dishes such as dal are mixed with rice to a texture that can be picked up. In the north, you use chapatis to pick up your food. You tear off a piece of chapati by leaning on it with the heel of your right hand and tearing with your fingers.

A Softer World

Knowing that someone sees you, listens to you, and actually cares about you can have a deeply profound effect on a person’s heart. If my heart can be softened and your heart can be softened, then that makes the world that much softer for everyone else.

Happy Fridays in Harlem

Rachael handed me one of her cards and warmly invited me to come for a meal on Friday. I did so and was absolutely amazed to see the sheer dedication, love, and gentle handling of the many hungry people crowding the long tables, eagerly waiting to be fed.

Most Valuable Lessons

Dare to show kindness, patience, understanding, and laugh at that which stands in your way because with love and wisdom and willingness, you are far greater than any roadblock. Defiance!