More than a Guard

We offer not only the tools to officers for the improvement of their mental health, but also help clear the stigma of the guard to the nobler role this profession plays as the guardian.


Ghee is a little hard to make unless you see someone do it. This photo essay lets you make your own ghee without someone there to help you.

Getting Clear about Fear

We may not be able to shield ourselves or our children from every harm, but we do have the power to change our careless words into caring ones, to transform our fear into fierce love, and trade our worry for wisdom.

Seeing Through the Big Door

The garden was now located somewhere inside. A door had opened to something unexpected. Poems can seem like doors, at once both obscuring and revealing, assuring and confounding.

From the Ashes Rises the Phoenix

When I feel such sadness as I did that day, I’ll start playing the flute in my heart and let the sadness be the melody. What comes out is always so beautiful.