Food and Love – Connecting the Dots 

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to bake for people, to love them though food. My mom despised cooking and my dad had no idea how, but somewhere I picked up the love of baking. I remember having birthday parties when everyone would get a cupcake and get to decorate it to […]

Black Joy & Genius Tour 6.29.22

Next stop NC. I stepped off train, and was greeted by my parents. No sooner than I got to their house, did I test positive for the Rona. After all this time living in my redwood cloaked, clean California bubble, I figured it was only a matter of time before la covida loca got me. […]

Black Joy & Genius Tour 6.20.22

Sitting in Union Station, in awe and digesting my DC experience, I drifted off and missed my train to NC. I rebooked on a later train, but the only seating available would be in a sleeper car. I interpreted sleeper car as a kind of luxury. Maybe I’d have that first class experience I wrote […]

Black Joy & Genius Tour 6.16.22

After being in NY for 11 yrs, my move to the redwood forests of Northern California was an extreme switch. After NY, I couldn’t just go to an in-between suburban bardo. I turned in my Dockers and desk for MUCK boots, thirty chickens, two cows, six goats, a mini donkey and a gang of friends […]

Booorn to be Wiiiild

“Born to be wild”. That was for them. Not me. I’ve shied away from this description.“Born to be Wild.” The white boys and girls could sing this anthem and that felt right. But not me. I was part of a culture that was trying to erase that perception. That we were wild. Savage. Brutes.  Thirsty […]