Our Attention: The Most Precious Commodity

Our freedom comes from consciously putting our attention on what we want to, not on where it’s drawn to or hijacked. We put our focus where we want. The economy, the media, the ex, whoever — they don’t get to draw our attention if we don’t want it to go there.

Cinnamon-Cardamom Filled Whole Grain Scones

When I was in my late teens I began reading cookbooks like novels. It turns out I have something called synesthesia where a stimulus that comes in through one sense gets transferred to another sense. For me, it meant that when I read a recipe, I could smell it and taste it.

Why Self-Kindness Is Essential and Five Ways to Practice It

Why is it essential to be kind to ourselves? It’s astonishing that this question would even come up, but it’s more astonishing how many of us don’t think we deserve kindness — a tragic tribute to demeaning childhood programming and trauma.