Any Chance Meeting

In every gathering, in any chance meeting on the street, there is a shine, an elegance rising up. Today I recognized that that jewel-like beauty is the presence

Getting Somewhere

“What are we doing here?” I’ve often wondered. How will I ever get somewhere? Getting somewhere has quite an allure to it.

Free Food Philo: A Coming Home

When the pandemic hit San Francisco in March 2020, we closed our restaurant doors. In the uncertainty of the world, we felt lost and we wondered how we would find our way back to the surface.

SoulStretch Movement Class at CCWF

The first two groups set their mats down when they arrived in the room and my third group, a combination of women 65+, some in wheelchairs and some with their yoga mats, formed a semi-circle for class.

The Land is Our Inheritance

Bare feet. Fruit falling and some still hanging. This apple tree feels like I’m in Eden. The tree of life without the serpent. I think about how it was innate for my ancestors to come to the trees, to know the time for planting them, for eating from them.