John Liu: Seeking and Finding

John Liu is an advisor to UFP on ecological restoration and regeneration. Since the late 1970s I have been a professional observer of transformational change at a very large scale. My career began as a television producer and cameraman with CBS News covering stories like the Rise of China and the Collapse of the Soviet […]

Excerpt from Rumi’s “Delicious Laughter”

Eyes-Shut Facing Eyes-Rolling-Around Pay close attention to your mean thoughts. That sourness may be a blessing, as an overcast day brings rain for the roses and relief to dry soil. Don’t look so sourly on your sourness! It may be it’s carrying what you most deeply need and want. What seems to be keeping you […]

Chosen to be Black

BlackBox is a group dedicated to guiding black people towards expressing power by claiming our value. Through contemplative practices and group discussions, we desire to liberate our culture’s collective voices and each individual soul’s unique expression. We aim to show black culture that our power comes from within and is not determined by another. An […]

Addiction as a Path; The Introduction of Our Upcoming Book

For a long time, we have looked at addiction and its roots, as well as recovery from it, within a limited viewpoint. Some refer to it as a spiritual malady, yet this viewpoint fails to include the soul dimension of addictive behavior. Our life force can be experienced as an impulse. Impulse is defined as […]

Turning Prisons into Monasteries

The Unconditional Freedom Project’s mission is to turn prisons into monasteries. We aim to create flourishing members of society by recasting the penitentiary as a place to contemplate and meaningfully contribute. We currently run programs at the local juvenile hall and county jail, as well as the country’s largest women’s prison. During the pandemic, we […]

Video: Serving Love

Love to Table delivers love, dignity, and recognition through food by feeding farm-to-table meals to those in need. We just served our 10,000th meal since we started our sit-down restaurant in 2019. With donations from local organizations and the bounty from our gardens, we have been able to fulfill our mission of taking surplus food […]