My Mixed Hair

There is an experience in life when I know I’m fully honest. I can feel it in my body, the ignited feeling of being alive and the sunken in feeling of being grounded. And that experience lives in dynamic tension, always changing and always needing my attention to stay current. This has been a hard […]

Partner Chef: Janelle Weaver

Our visit with Janelle Weaver from the Bewildered Pig was gorgeous. She is everything we ever dreamed of being as a chef – creative, hospitable, whipping up beautiful intricate creations with ease, joyful and witchy. The way she handled ingredients was out of this world – using every ounce of a vegetable to never waste […]

The Verdict That Brought No Relief

When something tragic can be the catalyst for a deep healing at the individual level with ripple effects that reach far and wide, that is the type of justice I want to see in our world.

Partner Farm: Oz Farms

We had a great trip today to get some spring produce from our neighboring partner farm, Oz Farm, for this weekend’s Love To Table meal.

Our First 100 Letters!

This week we hit 100 letters received from women enrolled in our Art of Soulmaking course at a state facility in California!  The letter correspondence has been an incredibly moving journey. The volunteers share that the experiences range the full spectrum of connection from funny to creative to powerfully insightful. Art of Soulmaking letters can […]

BlackBox: Why Not Me?

I find myself constantly at the “mercy” of someone else’s decisions or rather under the spell of this belief that they are more powerful than I am.

How We Got Started

This time last year we were huddled around in our dining room, just beginning to catch our breath from the shock of a global pandemic and settling in to washing our hands 14 times a day, social distancing, and treating our dear friends who went out to the grocery store or post office like contaminated […]

Chef Meets Shelter

Being in the Anderson Valley, there are so many hidden places to explore, so much rich abundance nestled between the lush forest green. We had known about The Bewildered Pig restaurant for a while and wanted to connect with the chef there to cook a meal for our homeless guests. Inspired by our post about […]

Art of Soulmaking Mentorship Program

Today we mailed out our first Art of Soulmaking Group Facilitation packet full of scripts and readings to help the mentors guide these sessions. 

Purposeful Fire

We’ve started a process of doing controlled burns on our land.  California is allowing for more intentional burning to quell the increasing forest fire trend we’ve been seeing across the state over the past 3 years.  There is also an initiative by those indigenous to the area to see more purposeful burning. There are many […]