The Botanical Sanctuary at Mendocino County Jail

The idea of pairing a blue-collar sheriff in Mendocino County, a 33-year veteran of the force, with an ecologist who’s traveled to ninety countries studying large scale damaged ecosystems together in a prison education program might not look obvious at first sight.

Bone Broth

This month’s recipe is in honor of the spirit of a beautiful young woman I know, who has gone home to be with her family while her mother bravely battles with cancer. To me she represents the spirit of the mother, the spirit that is in all of us that nurtures, supports, and loves.

A Deeper Look: Through the Eyes of an Officer

This program allows officers to get their problems out in the open, guides them through trials and tribulations, lets officers know they are not alone and have someone they can turn to in times of need, and gives them a sense of security and hope.


Never think no one will help because they will. I’m glad it took years to put this puzzle together because what I see today is the puzzle I have come to love. It might have taken many years of waiting to see the results, and what I see today is beautiful.

From Violence to Creation

Jason Davis, head of the Harlem Bloods and now engaged with peace activity, talks about moving from violence to creation, how he brought his gang with him, and how he learned to use his influence in prison for good.